First Flights: I Got a Drone

This Christmas, my parents got me a drone. I definitely don’t deserve a drone from my parents and I am very grateful. Pretty blown away actually! Here is a video I put together of some of the first flights of said drone. It is an amazing machine and remarkably easy to fly…in regard to basic flight, anyway. There is definitely room for improvement on my part. I have a huge interest in videography and love editing sights with sounds. Needless to say, this video was a lot of fun to make. God has provided us with an incredibly beautiful world and it looks incredibly beautiful from the sky. What can I say. All praise to Jesus Christ. Having made this video, and having watched it and reflected on it…I am beyond words thankful to God for my family. They’re awesome. They’re more than I deserve.


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10 Years of Marriage – A Celebratory Video

My wife and I recently celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary; all credit to Jesus. We went to the Glenwood Springs, CO. This is a video of our time at Glenwood Springs Adventure Park. I will spare the attempt to analogize anything here…like how marriage is similar to an amusement park; the excitement, the thrills, the terror, the candy, the queasiness, the ups, the downs, the adventure. I promise I won’t do that here.

I will type a bit about marriage though. Some thoughts as they come. First of all, I wasn’t kidding…we credit our marriage to Jesus. When speaking to my cousin about our being married for 10 years, my wife said something I find very profound. She said, “It takes more than love.” Wow…MORE than love? Yeah. More than love, it takes Jesus.

Overall, I would say I have pretty much sucked at marriage with only a few moments of exception. As the past 10 years have gone I have failed in so many ways. However, I feel like as the mercy of God has allowed for the time to understand His plan and design of marriage, and as He has continued to reveal and unfold His purposes in it, I have come to take on a radically different view of it…many times over.

I can’t believe how selfish I have been at times. I can’t believe how badly I have missed the point the majority of the time. I can remember how defensive I would get when I felt like my wife was “trying to change me.” Wow. What is that individualist thinking. If you have a fear of being changed…marriage is not for you. If you have a fear of being changed…Christianity is definitely not for you! That’s the whole point!!! Of all of it!!! Of the marriage, of the Gospel…salvation, sanctification.

The church is the “Bride of Christ.” And like Israel that we have been grafted into, we often play the harlot and seek after other gods. Gods of idolatry, gods of self. If you view marriage as a means of securing happiness and fulfillment in life, you have made it into an idol, and you are not going to have a good time. Marriage…like true, as its intended Christianity….is death. Of course I am being somewhat facetious, but they are both a “dying to self.” It can be a painful, scary process…and it is beautiful. The two, our terrestrial marriage to our spouse, and our celestial marriage to Christ, relate to and support each other intimately. Marriage is an amazing spiritual gift. To thick headed (or rather, thick hearted) guys like me…it is a constant object lesson. I have gleaned so much about Christ’s ultimate purpose of “reconciliation” from being married. Quite clearly my marriage has been a reflection of my relationship to Jesus. When I have wondered away from Jesus, I wondered away in my marriage. When I failed to see the size and scope and beauty of what Jesus has done for me, I had no chance of seeing the size and scope and beauty of my marriage.

Alright…all that being said, this is a simple video of a great day. We had planned to go to this amusement park the day before, but that day…after a whole summer of drought…it rained all day. The next day it didn’t look any better and were to go home that evening. So…we just decided to go for it and figured we would enjoy it as best we could. It was cludy and even drizzly…until about noon…then, the clouds broke and the sun was shining. It was an incredible day! Beautiful! I thank God so much for Colorado. We had a blast. It meant so much to me that we could go and just have fun. I won’t go into all the ways our world is growing darker and colder and slipping further and further into chaos and confusion. The world is slipping into delusion. You get lies from the news and “truth” from movies these days. Good is more and more being portrayed as evil, as evil is being more and more propagandized as good. Woe to this generation…and the next if there be one. But in this darkness shines One incredibly high and above all of it.

This is where my words run out…when I consider man, and what we are capable of, our poisonous hearts, and then consider God, and what He has done and continues to do…it doesn’t make any sense. Why are we given days like October 23, 2015 at the Glenwood Springs Adventure Park. Paul Washer made this point clear to me in his teachings a few years back. Why do we always accuse and slander God when bad things happen questioning, “Where was God during such and such?” and “Why do bad things happen to good people?” When, in fact, when compared to God’s true, perfect goodness…there are no good people. The idea that deep down man is good and he just has to realize it is a myth…heck, we could even call it gnosticism. The true question is, “Why do good things happen at all?” Given the condition of my heart apart from God, and my breaking of His Laws, and even my going against my own conscience He gifted me with, why do I get anything good at all? This is where my words run out. All I can offer Him is my thanks and obedience…my life.

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GNOSTICISM!!!: And a subtitle about GNOSTICISM!!!


Alright, so…Gnosticism. It is whats on my mind. It seems to have become kinda my “thing” and an area of study I gravitate toward.I have recently been asked to be interviewed on the subject so in order to prepare for that, I figured I would blog about it.

I have been incredibly blessed to have learned about Gnosticism, though primarily in an inverse way, firming up what I believe to be “orthodox” Christianity. I have found it to be more of a loose philosophy rather than a rigid belief system. There are seemingly more writings “about” it than there are “of” it. So basically, there are more commentaries than there are source material…which I guess can be said about almost anything these days…bu still.  Though hard to define, I would say Gnosticism is really the gospel according to Satan. Basically, he keeps much of the truth, but reinterprets it from his perspective; he inverts key sections of the truth while keeping intact enough of it as to pull off an effective deception that suits his ends. It can be very subtle.

I look forward to a deeper study on this subject, as I feel it has re-surged somewhat as a major world-view in our times, even if not being recognized as such, being promoted not just in our popular entertainment, on purpose, which is controlled, but also in our “news” media, which is also heavily controlled.

Anyway, I am just planning to use this platform as a way to prep for the interview. So, beyond that I have no idea. I just have to put something here…this is it. Blah schmah schmadeedah.

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Survival Plan (Live) – Rachel & Wallace Faagutu

I like me some Reggae…but usually can’t relate to it very well. I can relate to this…


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Why I am a Christian: Reason # 2 – Because of the words “should” and “ought”… and my stunning failure to fulfill them.

Alright, so I have this problem…this dilemma. I have always had it, but I can tell you right upfront that it hasn’t always bothered me. The problem is this: All the time…in any given situation…I always know what I “should” or “ought” to do (or shouldn’t and ought not to do)…but I am incapable of doing (or not doing) those things. It bothers me…sometimes. Why is it that I would be able to conceive of something…but not be able to achieve that thing.


And I am not talking about something literally impossible…like levitating, or breathing water instead of oxygen…I am just talking about knowing what the right thing is and then doing it. How simple does that sound? Now, the first part I got down…I know what is right and wrong. But doing the right thing…I can’t keep that up indefinitely…or even for very long…or even for a little while sometimes! I can comprehend righteousness, but I can’t apprehend it…I can see it, but not lay hands on it and hold on to it. And it bothers me.

Christianity explains this phenomenon; both the reason for it and the solution to it. And whereas I see the Bible as having a number of built in proofs of it’s legitimacy as the truth, evolutionary psychology can only offer theoretical models and cunningly devised, elaborate mythologies as to why we would have developed into creatures that can conceive of morality, but not fully live it out in our lives. Plus, it seems immorality will get you much further, in a shorter amount of time, in this fallen world than morality will. Living out your morals often demands self-sacrifice. So…if morality isn’t “advantageous” and often hinders “self”…why would we (as a “species”) have developed it and passed it along to such the extent that we have…where we have laws and a “justice system” and what not…or even any semblance of “society” at all? Why are we so far passed the “animals” in terms of moral potential?

No doubt atheists will have an answer for this, but is it something they know…or something they believe? They may point to the animal kingdom and show certain animals that display similar traits and say, “See, they have a code of right and wrong too…so we are all just animals.” But that presupposes a naturalistic, strictly materialistic worldview. From a Biblical perspective it can be ascertained that our morality is given to us by God and it emanates from His character. Well, if it emanates from His character, then it isn’t a stretch to assume that it was simply a universal “Law of the Land” when He created the Universe and all of its inhabitants. So, of course we would see a version of it in the “animal kingdom.” The Bible tells us that He has created man in His image and written the law upon our hearts, so it makes sense that we would make more sense of this “Law of the Land” than the animals. Even more so when He indwells us with the Spirit as believers. So, it isn’t like evolution slam dunks this one and the Bible has nothing to say. To me it says more, makes more sense, and correlates way more to observable reality.

The Bible explains why I would know right and wrong…and be incapable of choosing right all the time. I am interested in the atheists I have seen (on YouTube of course) that criticize the 10 Commandments as not being a superior moral code and then offer up what their concept of what a superior moral code “should” be. I think two things about this: 1) They are completely missing the point of the 10 Commandments and Biblical Law altogether…probably out of plain ol’ ignorance, but also out of willful ignorance in some cases. 2) Whatever system or rules they come up with, they themselves can’t keep! I don’t see why that doesn’t bother them! There has been one man though who did live out His life fulfilling all righteousness…Jesus, of course…and He earned the right to reconcile us back to the Father. To accept our failure to keep the “shoulds” and “oughts”, to bare the consequence of that failure, and to heal us from it. And finally…He gives us the ability to actually do those things and to recover (and cover) us when we don’t.

Anyway…that’s my Why I am a Christian: Reason #2…”should” and “ought” and my stunning failure to fulfill them.

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Christmas in July: Joy to the World


My theory is that as we hear Christmas music in November and December it can too easily fade into the background of all the holi-daze ballyhoo and really be missed out on almost entirely. So, my thought is that if we snatch some of that music out of its culturally relegated time frame and regard it some other time…like now, for example…mid-summer-ish…it can be actually be appreciated a lot more. It has more of a chance at piercing our hearts, I guess. I mean…at least I can hear it and enjoy it on a deeper level…without having the worry of buying gifts or cards or being places or going places.

There is such great truth and emotion and reverence in Christmas music and so…I dunno…lately, I have just found myself appreciating more in the summer. Especially this summer for some reason. Maybe its because I have had more of the blahs than usual…or because there seem to be greater circumstances in the US and around the world this summer. Maybe since I can’t completely get my mind off of the likelihood of some catastrophic financial collapse, societal upheaval, manufactured terror threat, and what seems like the inevitability of some sort of martial law style police state take-over, I am looking for and grasping for God even more fervently….aaaaaand listening to Christmas music in July is just one of the ways I am doing that, maybe? Whatever the reason, this music definitely works as escapism…but I think it is actually like a “legitimate” form of escapism. As Christians we are to be ever aware of the world…we are to be active agents of salt and light…preventing corruption…exposing darkness…however, a glass can only spill what it contains. If we don’t actively seek to worship God…reminding ourselves that He is actually worthy of worship (not just for what He has done for us, but simply for who He Is)…and if we only focus on the plans and schemes of the wicked…we will become just as ineffective as we will become ineffectual.

So, praise God. Give Him the glory He deserves. Don’t be overburdened by the world or by what the Bible says is soon coming upon it. We are children of the Promise! We are the redeemed! We need to make sure our hearts are thankful and seeking to share God’s love with the unsaved. So…if you need help with that like I do…take some time to listen to (and really hear) Christmas music in July!

This is one of my favorites: Joy to the World.

Joy to the world! The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King!
Let every heart prepare Him room

And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven, and heaven and nature sing

Joy to the world! the Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonders and wonders of His love

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Video Pairing: Jonsi and the Bee

Hey, I have decided to share another side of myself here. It has nothing to do with Christianity or Conspiracies…(or does it?)…It’s just this weird thing I do sometimes…I’ve done it maybe just a handful of times…it’s mostly a distraction from doing other things that I really should be doing. What I do is I go to YouTube and try to find two videos that can pair with one another; one supplying the audio and one being the video. Its a super cheap and quick way to…for a few minutes…have made your own music video. I guess. That’s the simple way it started for me…it was just an idea I had, but then I discovered I really enjoyed the thought process. You can actually put some thought into it…or not. Actually, some things have gone very well together and I never woulda guessed it. Anyway, I enjoyed these two together so much…I decided to blog about it.

That’s my weird…hobbyish?…distraction thing that I do sometimes.

1. Get both of these videos prepped; ads removed, paused, and queued up at the very beginning.

2. Mute the Bee video; keep it paused.

3. Click play on the Jonsi video.

4. Click play on the Bee video; I suggest taking advantage of the full-screen function to enhance the experience.

5. Spend the next four and a half minutes enjoying “Josni and the Bee.”


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